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(pssst… pardon our dust, Grow Wild is growing and expanding and getting it’s very OWN site, coming THIS SUMMER 2019.

In the meantime, you can explore more about our last event below…)

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The A to Z of going your own way…

From social media and marketing yourself, to carving out a unique brand identity, to money (!) and how to plan and prepare in a way to set yourself up for success… there is so much to think about and learn.

With panels full of speakers from all different industries (artists, business owners, influencers, marketing directors, and more), you’ll learn from the best on how they did it, what they’ve learned, and their top tips.

Later in the day, break out into small groups and dive deeper into more specific topics like:

  • product-based businesses, the unique challenges

  • photography + taking better images for your brand/business

  • inspiration- finding new sources and staying inspired (while juggling biz demands!)

  • money- figuring out your rate and negotiating contracts

  • how and what to invest in when you’re starting

  • social media- how to maximize it, tips + tricks

  • networking- how to build contacts + clients when you’re first starting

  • and more!

    (scroll down, for a list of currently confirmed speakers)

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A community of other inspiring creatives…

Let’s be real, part of what makes working for yourself so challenging is that it can be lonely. Whether you are a true solo-preneur, or have a team, it can be isolating to be in charge of steering the ship and responsible for the health and growth of your business.

At Grow Wild, you’ll meet people at all different stages of freelance life.

  • you’ll find your tribe of others who understand that path, and unlock one of the keys to getting through it!

  • and, you can schedule one-on-one meetings with speakers and really get down to the nitty-gritty of what you want to know

This is what networking is REALLY about- genuine connections with others who get. your. world. 🙌🏻

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Exclusive one-on-one access.

If group panels and breakout groups aren’t enough for you, or you’ve been dying to sit down with someone who can help you specifically, we hear you. At Grow Wild, most speakers will be offering scheduled one-on-ones, to allow you to sit down and really get to it! With an exclusive VIP ticket, you will have the opportunity to ask your own questions, seek advice, get their opinion on your business… this is YOUR opportunity to really get to know and learn directly from inspirational creatives themselves.

Grow Wild was incredible! The speakers gave helpful insight, along with valuable advice as to how to move forward in your path. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to develop their career as a freelancer.
— Sarah Shackelford,

How it all began…

In 2014, I was pregnant with my first daughter and about to leave my exhausting corporate job, certain that months of baby bliss, cute tiny clothes, and peaceful new motherhood lay ahead. Who cared about forgoing a full-time income and losing regular contact with the outside adult world? Not me, I just knew this new path was what I was actually meant for. 

Except it turned out that babies (even cute ones, that are yours) are a lot more hard work than I imagined and spending my days without adult interaction and a creative outlet was becoming a slow-cook recipe for madness. Oh, and I definitely needed money! I had no clue what to do. I knew I needed something- but I had literally no idea where to begin… KEEP READING

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Speakers Include:

Ann Shen, artist, illustrator, and designer (, @anndanger)

Arielle Vey, photographer (, @ariellevey)

Billy Green, food stylist, recipe developer, and photographer (, @witandvinegar)

Cassidy Freitas, LMFT and host of Holding Space podcast (, @holdingspacepodcast)

Chrissa Sparkles, creative director, designer and influencer (, @chrissasparkles)

Christina Winkelmann, Social Media Director of Bando (, @christinawinkelmann, @shopbando)

Crisanta German, Marketing Director of Sugarfina (@sugarfina)

Esteban Castillo, food stylist, recipe developer, and photographer (, @chicanoeats)

Jill Fausner, event producer and owner of Layered Vintage and Modern Love Group (,, @layeredvintage, @modernlovegroup)

Lizzie Darden, artist and photographer (, @lizzie_darden)

Mary Elizabeth, stylist and interior designer (@heymaryelizabeth)

Melissa Strukel, owner of PowWow Design (, @powwowdesignstudio)

Natalia Benson, entrepreneur and modern mystic (, @natalia_benson)

Samantha Klein, entrepreneur, influencer, and owner of Whurl (, @shopwhurl)

Sam Cutler, Founder/CEO of Petite N Pretty (, @petitenpretty)

Sarah Khandijian, blogger and influencer (, @sarahhearts)

Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik, entrepreneur and influencer, co-owner of Hello Holiday (, @helloholiday, @fashflood)