grow wild.

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Grow Wild is a creative business workshop, created with one main goal: to demystify working for yourself so you can grow to new heights.

Going freelance and turning a passion into a career isn’t for the faint of heart! There are so many questions and few clear answers or places to turn. But with a little know-how and a lot of determination, YOU can totally do it…

On Sunday, March 3rd, 2019,

Grow Wild is BACK- bigger and better than ever.

... one hell of an event with amazing speakers in a beautiful, Instagram-worthy setting. But what I love most about Grow Wild is the supportive community and the opportunity to make real connections — no matter where you are on your creative journey.
— Allie Padgett, of

What started as a small workshop (learn more here), has grown into a larger (but still intimate) event, full of fun, learning and sharing. Creating your own path isn’t easy but it IS an incredible, worthwhile adventure- especially when you have a community alongside of you.

With a long list of talented creatives and entrepreneurs speaking and attending (scroll down to see), you’ll get an up-close-and-personal experience learning from others who have walked similar paths. AND you’ll do all of this while enjoying amazing food and drinks, and over-the-top-memorable experiences (a modern mystic! a vintage Pink Mercury Marauder! a cotton candy cart! and so much more…)

On Sunday, March 3rd,

at Franciscan Gardens in San Juan Capistrano,

it’s all happening.

Join us for this one-day event, and watch your own path GROW WILD



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Speakers Include:

Ann Shen, artist, illustrator, and designer (, @anndanger)

Arielle Vey, photographer (, @ariellevey)

Billy Green, food stylist, recipe developer, and photographer (, @witandvinegar)

Cassidy Freitas, LMFT and host of Holding Space podcast (, @holdingspacepodcast)

Chrissa Sparkles, creative director, designer and influencer (, @chrissasparkles)

Christina Winkelmann, Social Media Director of Bando (, @christinawinkelmann, @shopbando)

Crisanta German, Marketing Director of Sugarfina (@sugarfina)

Esteban Castillo, food stylist, recipe developer, and photographer (, @chicanoeats)

Jill Fausner, event producer and owner of Layered Vintage and Modern Love Group (,, @layeredvintage, @modernlovegroup)

Lizzie Darden, artist and photographer (, @lizzie_darden)

Mary Elizabeth, stylist and interior designer (@heymaryelizabeth)

Melissa Strukel, owner of PowWow Design (, @powwowdesignstudio)

Natalia Benson, entrepreneur and modern mystic (, @natalia_benson)

Samantha Klein, entrepreneur, influencer, and owner of Whurl (, @shopwhurl)

Sam Cutler, Founder/CEO of Petite N Pretty (, @petitenpretty)

Sarah Khandijian, blogger and influencer (, @sarahhearts)

Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik, entrepreneur and influencer, co-owner of Hello Holiday (, @helloholiday, @fashflood)