Grow Wild: How It All Began...

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One of the more common questions I get asked about my work, and Grow Wild specifically, is how did it begin? How did I start working for myself, and when did I decide putting together a workshop (now a large event) fit into that? First of all, I’m not sure I ever had a clear starting point- more of an urge to head in a general direction and I followed it. But why Grow Wild? It definitely wasn't the money (because shockingly, planning and executing an event vision doesn’t rake in cash when you’re starting out :). It is, really simply, the passion.

In 2014, I was pregnant with my first daughter and about to leave my exhausting corporate job, certain that months of baby bliss, cute tiny clothes, and peaceful new motherhood lay ahead. Who cared about forgoing a full-time income and losing regular contact with the outside adult world? Not me, I just knew this new path was what I was actually meant for. 

Except it turned out that babies (even cute ones, that are yours) are a lot more hard work than I imagined and spending my days without adult interaction and a creative outlet was becoming a slow-cook recipe for madness. Oh, and I definitely needed money! I had no clue what to do… I knew I needed something- but I had literally no idea where to begin.

Fast forward 4 years (more to come on this), and I have built a business- a job where I love what I do and make good money doing it. But even thought I’ve figured out a lot along the way, I still don’t have all the answers and I still love talking to other people to ask- how did THEY do it? What are the pain points for them? How do they figure out their rates? (and sometimes what they charge…) The point is: even when you’re DOING it, you are always learning and looking for more.

I think back to my beginning and how little I knew, even about where to turn to find answers (note: Google was definitely my business partner)- how much I would have LOVED to have access to a community of kind, supportive, creatives who not only had experience but were willing to share it! As I’ve been able to grow my own business, it has become more important to me to give back and be able to reach out a hand to others pursuing a freelance path- and to continue learning myself, through others. More than important, it’s become one of my true passions!

Grow Wild is born of that intention- to reach out a hand to others and hope that they will do the same. I really believe there is nothing you can’t do when you put your mind to it, and even less you can’t do when surrounded by people who believe in you too.

xx Natasha