Sooo... There's a BOOK!

This post was created in partnership with Blurb.

While I never set out to create the job I have, I am regularly reminded of how much I love what I do and how lucky I feel to have been able to turn a passion into a career (sorry to be cheesy!). When I think about how, exactly, things unfolded this way, the main thing I come back to is keeping an open mind about my path while still staying focused on what I want to do. Every time I've felt frustrated about where I am or restless about where I want to be, I've decided it's probably a good time to sit down and make a couple of lists. 

The first list is always my big pie-in-the-sky, long-term goals. These can change over time, but they’re the things I want to accomplish over the next few years (i.e. hit new financial milestones, expand to a larger studio, have a larger team).

The second list is always a more immediate list - things I can accomplish within the next few months; things I have complete control over, but don't always make time for. (i.e. cleaning out my inbox, hiring a new employee, experimenting more with video work, etc.). And you know what? Even though making lists doesn't really change anything, it always refreshes my view and gives me extra motivation to keep going.

IG Blurb FUNNY FOOD 1D.jpg

So, I was thrilled when Blurb Books reached out a few months ago about something that has been on my list of long-term goals for a while: making a BOOK! It felt pretty good to take something off the "long-term list" and move it on to the "do it NOW!" list.

Blurb is a bookmaking company that specializes in self-publishing for a huge range of authors, bloggers, artists... really anyone that has a passion to bring something to pages! After brainstorming on what I wanted the book to focus on (spray-painted snack food, anyone?), I was able to create the entire format and layout myself through their site and BookWright software. It was simple and easy to do, and let me preview everything as I created it, so I knew exactly how images would look together and in different layouts.

There's a huge range of sizes, cover options (almost went with a dust jacket because, you know, #seriousauthor – but decided a hardcover was easier), and paper types. I love their Layflat paper option, which is thick and substantial feeling. It's also perfect for larger, panoramic shots as it allows you to create gorgeous, unbroken images spread across two pages. Again, guys, I'm a serious author now.

Blurb Funny Food LayFlat Pages NEW 1D.jpg

The BEST PART of all of this?! Getting to hold my book when it arrived, in all of its colorful, candy-pink goodness!!! The images look extra stunning in Layflat format, with it's thick, vibrant paper. And you can grab a copy for yourself HERE - it's the perfect little coffee table book and it makes a fun gift for the color or snack-lover in your life. So basically... when you feel frustrated, sit down, make a list... and then go MAKE A BOOK with Blurb!! It's one of the best things I've done.

xx Natasha

Blurb Funny Food Honey Bear 1D.jpg

Funny Food, By Natasha Martin (Standard Version)

Funny Food, By Natasha Martin (Layflat Edition)

(There are two versions- both a lay flat version, and a more affordable standard paper version! Gifting made easy. ;)