New Studio Tour!

Violet Tinder Natasha Martin New Studio

As someone who's heavily influenced by what's around them, I totally believe in creating an environment you want to be in- one that balances practical with beautiful + useful with fun. My studio space is tiny and given the nature of my job (stuff, candy, stuff, props, stuff... everywhere!), it can quickly become overpacked and overwhelming.

Ok, full disclosure here: My studio is actually an extra room at our house. The pros? It gets great natural light, it has a roomy closet, and the commute is easy. The cons? Its tiny! (Like 120 sq. feet) And as anyone who works from home can tell you, sometimes there's just not enough separation between being "home" and "at work." All that aside, it works well and while an outside studio may come at some point, for now I'm happy with the convenience. But that doesn't mean a girl doesn't need a little spruce up here and there, am I right? :)

A couple months ago, I looked around the room and I knew it was time for a change. Props were no longer contained by their containers, my work desk (which I rarely sat at) jutted out way too far into the usable space of the room (a girl's gotta move around while she shoots), and the art and decor needed a little reboot. Getting it all done took longer than I would've liked, but the finished result (on a small budget!) is one I love and it makes me that much happier to "go to work", knowing I have a fun, organized space that reflects me.

(Want a little "before" shot? Come on, this isn't Hoarders. You only get one look. :)

My studio BEFORE the makeover...

My studio BEFORE the makeover...

Ok, that's enough of the old... onward and upward!!

Books + Illume Candle// Collection of Paintbrushes (spot the pretzel!) // Wine from a favorite client of mine, Speak Wines // Bits + Bobs + Odds + Ends

Turquoise clock from Amazon // Very important sign from Handraiser at Renegade Fair // The most GORGEOUS custom weave made by my talented friend Cassie of Wild Plum Co. // Vintage Brass Unicorn from the sweet Nikki of Wise Apple Vintage // Art by Thimblepress and Ambivalently Yours

Yellow stools from a consignment store (but I think you can find similar ones on Amazon) // Pink rug from Rugs USA // Custom weave by Angie of The Decor Adobe

Photo Art by Giulia of The Collecteur // White Stepstool from IKEA // Abstract painting by me, Painting of girl by Giulio Rossi

THAT green cart by IKEA (there's a reason everyone and their mother has it) // Bookcase by IKEA... and taking up the entire wall across from this is my backdrop set-up. Not very photogenic so it didn't make final photo cut. :)

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour! The angles of the room make it hard to get it all in one shot... but this is a pretty good glimpse of my magic room. Of course, there are still just a couple spots I figured I'd save for another day... mainly the closet full of candy and colorized shoeboxes, and the leaning-tower-of-pisa of props in the garage. Come on now! 

Do you have any great tips for keeping a small space organized AND attractive? I'd love to hear them! Email me or leave it in the comments below. :)

xx Natasha