What's Happening Lately

To share a bit more of the projects I work on each month, and give you a little peek behind-the-scenes, I've decided to start a new monthly series called "What's Happening Lately". Content Creation and being in business for yourself can make the question "So what do you do...?" tricky to explain, but I know that I love to learn more about other people's work and passions... hopefully you do too! (And stay tuned for another new series all about Content Creation- what it is, who does it, how they got started and a whole lot more... coming very soon!)


After attending Chambord's totally magical Punch + Brunch event a couple weeks back, I was totally inspired to create some equally magical bejeweled donuts. Who votes to move Happy Hour up to brunch time?

Whish Body is a brand I've worked with in the past, and their all-natural products smell amazing AND actually work. I'm not being paid to say that, either! They recently launched a new skincare line and wanted to create some fun images to celebrate that... Can you tell I was really vibing the candy pink shade with their sleek black packaging? Ha.

For Luna is a fun UK-based swimwear line, that specializes in retro swimwear. Their suits are cheeky + colorful (and super-flattering!) and they wanted a series of fun imagery to highlight some of their products. They gave me a lot of creative license and I had a blast running with it.  

More behind-the-scenes peeks and posts all about the world of Content Creation are to come but in the meantime, make sure you're following Violet Tinder Studios (@violettinder) on Instagram and Snapchat to catch more of my work and day-to-day adventures!

Xx Natasha