Summer Picnic Fun

Swimming, carnivals, bikinis, popsicles, warm nights… The word “summer" is almost synonymous with fun! To celebrate the start of the changing seasons and all of the fun it encompasses, I knew I had to create a Summer To-Do List, all told in photos, to share on Instagram (and soon to be recapped here on the blog!). 
One of my FAVORITE summer activities, hands down, is a good ol’ fashioned PICNIC!!  I teamed up with Pepsi and their #SayItWithPepsi campaign to create a twist on a classic summer treat- a PEPSI float! 
I mean, dining al fresco is always a good time, but even better when it involves warm sunshine and summer treats. 
(And look for details at the end of the post on how you can enter the #SayItWithPepsi Sweepstakes, for a chance to win some pretty cool prize packs!)

Are you ready for this super easy recipe?!

You’ll need:
- One bottle of Pepsi (my fave is the heart-eyes emoji bottle!), easily found at your nearest Walgreen's
- One scoop vanilla ice cream
- A maraschino cherry!

Scoop the ice cream into a glass (sometimes I even take an entire ice cream cone and place it scoop-down in the glass. A little extra cone never hurt anyone), and then open up the Pepsi to pour over the top.
Add your cherry and enjoy. :)

So easy, right? There’s just something so refreshing about creamy smooth vanilla mixed with the fizzy pop of Pepsi. 
And stay tuned for the full Summer To-Do List… too much is never enough (at least when it comes to fun)!!

*** Want to enter for a chance to win one of a few amazing prize packs, with Pepsi emoji?! Here’s how!!

  •  Find the Pepsi emoji bottle that inspires you this summer! With 200+ different Pepsi emojis to select from, Walgreens makes it super-easy to find the one that fits you!
  • Snap a pic or two or three…showing us your Pepsi emoji and post it to your Instagram page. We want to see how you #SayItWithPepsi!
  • Use both hashtags - #SayItWithPepsi and #Sweepstakes – with your image’s caption and tag @Walgreens too!

** Visit for the official rules and sweepstakes details. But wait, there’s more!  Join us for the #SayItWithPepsi Twitter Party on June 29th from 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. ET, hosted by @MomSpark, to enter for another chance to win some awesome prizes!

Good luck and HAPPY SUMMER!!

Xx Natasha