#LAHoppyHour, Part 1

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably heard me talking (the whole month of April!) about LA Hoppy Hour, the Instagram/creative meet-up, co-hosted by my good friend Alisha and me. The idea first came to us last year- we were talking about the world of Instagram-creatives, and all of the friends we knew so well, but had never met! Eventually, that turned into LA Brunch Party (you can read a little bit more about that here), and the rest is history.

When we began to plan our second meet-up, we knew we wanted to do it bigger, brighter, and even more fun!! More photos, more people, and definitely some cocktails in the mix. Let me tell you- in my opinion, and I think our guests too... IT. WAS. A. BLAST!!

So, want to hear more about how we pulled it off? (And see more photos?!!!) Ok, here we go...


We started by compiling a rough guest list, planning on roughly 20% fall-out... our last event had about 15 attendees, and we goaled this event to be roughly double that. We both agreed that the right size event + a thoughtful guest list is key to everyone having a good time. Keeping it under 40 allows everyone to have the opportunity to chat with most everyone else at some point, rather than feeing overwhelmed by a crowd. And by making sure to invite people with some common interests (but still different creative fields), it made it easier for guests to feel like they could talk to most anyone.

From there, we reached out to our contacts at Bread + Butter PR (a great agency representing primarily hospitality businesses) to find the right venue. When they suggested HopDoddy, a unique burger + cocktail restaurant at The Point, in El Segundo (and right next to the COOLEST painted wall), we knew it was the perfect fit.


What is a party without a good SWAG BAG?? Exactly. So putting together some amazing gift bags for our guests to take home was a top priority. After finalizing our invite list, and securing the location, we set to work on Swag. But we didn't just want "free stuff" We wanted cool stuff, and fun brands that really reflected our fun, colorful guests... things that our guests would be thrilled to receive. And OH MAN, did our vendor-friends deliver!!  

Revel & Co. - This super-fun party goods brand not only generously decorated the entire event, they also sent each guest home with a fun assortment of balloons, novelty paper straws, and gift tags. Let the good times roll!!

Harvey's - Known for their colorful seatbelt bags (they're literally sewn of seatbelts!), they created a custom tote, in bright coastal colors, that is totally perfect for a beach day or overnight bag.

Speak Wines- One of my most favorite wine brands, and also some really great gals!! Their colorful + inspiring wine bottles (most designed by the talented Jen Peters) were such a perfect gift for our guests. Plus, wine, duh.

Foot Cardigan- The most FUN sock subscription company! They will literally send you surprise novelty socks, right to your front door, every month. And they sent us these bright turquoise PCH socks.

Thimblepress- Unless you live under a rock, you've probably heard/read/seen this super-fun and feminine brand, designed my Kristen Ley, who makes amazing stationery, party goods, and CONFETTI!! They were kind enough to send us celebratory stationery and their world-famous "Hells Yeah" balloon, from their collaboration with The Glitter Guide.

Benevolence LA- A beautiful LA-based jewelry company that specializes in of-the moment delicate jewelry that still makes a statement. The gold + teardrop crystal necklaces they sent are so perfect for layering.


So I know, you want to know more! You want to see more pics! You might even want to know our TOP TIPS for hosting your own sponsored meet-up. Stay tuned!!! There is more to come in Part 2...

Xx Natasha