DIY- Candy iPhone Case

If you're like me, having a cute iPhone case is like, really important. Function is cool too, but if I'm going to pull this thing out of my bag/pocket/toddler's hand 34789 times a day, I want to like what I see! In my quest for cute cases, I've found one of two things: super cute, but really expensive (I'm sorry, but I'm just not going to spend $50 on a phone case) OR really practical but SO unattractive! I knew there had to be a way around this conundrum...drumroll, please...


DIY Candy iPhone Cases Violet Tinder

This DIY is super easy and really inexpensive... which means you too, can totally create your own sweet masterpiece! You're going to start calling yourself, just so you can pull this glorious thing out of your handbag.

DIY Candy iPhone Case Violet Tinder


  • Clear iPhone Cases (can be found really inexpensively on Amazon! Or, you can up-cycle an older phone case you no longer use)
  • ModPodge
  • Liquid Shellac (can be found on Amazon or at most hardware stores)
  • 2 paintbrushes (preferably ones you don't mind getting a little funky)
  • Candy! (I recommend smaller candy, to increase the lifetime of your case. Bigger candy did work, but it's also more prone to chipping or coming off)
  • Newspaper (or a safe surface to get glue/shellac on)
Shellac ModPodge Paintbrushes

1) Start by taking your phone case and candy, and getting a rough idea of how you'd like to lay it out. For smaller candies (like sprinkles), you'll probably just want to get an idea of borders (because it's hard to control all those little candies!), but for larger candies, you'll probably want to map out a design.

2) Once you have a clear idea of your design, take your ModPodge and spread a heavy layer over the case. It dries fairly quickly, so I loaded it up so that it would still be wet for the sprinkles. Don't worry, it dries clear! (If you're using larger candy, like candy canes, you'll want to use super-glue instead of ModPodge- and place it directly on the bottom of the candy to be glued. And be generous with the super-glue... the bigger candy needs to little more help to stay on securely)

DIY Candy iPhone Case Violet Tinder
DIY Candy iPhone Case Violet Tinder

3) Let the Mod-Podge layer dry for about 30-45 min, and then give it another coat. This time, try to make the layer thick but smooth. Focus on covering any little cracks or exposed candy you see. Again, it will dry clear so don't worry if it looks white. Then, set the case aside to dry thoroughly- aim for at least an hour.

4) When your case feels dry to the touch (not damp or sticky!), it's time to add the shellac! This part can get a little messy, so make sure you have your table/counter surface protected and some paper towels or a sink on-hand. With a clean paintbrush, paint a generous layer of shellac over the candy. Liquid shellac is an oily, easily-spillable liquid, so handle with care!

5) The shellac is what will make your case hard and secure, and also prevent the candy from going bad (or ants discovering it), so I added 3 more layers to the original layer, letting each one dry before adding a new layer. When you finish with each shellac layer, you can use your finger to delicately wipe the sides clean (the camera hole, too!) and make sure there's no candy astray.

DIY Candy iPhone Case Violet Tinder

6) Let the case sit to dry thoroughly for at least a few hours- I left mine overnight just to be 100% sure. When it's dry, you can gently peel off any of the edges if you want it give it a more cleaned up look.

DIY Candy iPhone Candy Case Violet Tinder
DIY Candy iPhone Case Violet Tinder


Ummm... how cool is your new case?! I'm telling you, this thing is pretty secure, too. I mean, I probably wouldn't run it over with a mack truck, but it can definitely go in and out of your pocket or handbag in one piece. The only precaution- don't blame me if your afternoon snack attack makes you try to eat your phone!! ;)

I want to see what YOU make! (Mainly, I want to see what kind of candy you like, haha.) Share your pictures on Instagram and tag me!

Xx Natasha