DIY- Piñata Cupcakes!

Nothing says "party" like a good piñata and some cupcakes... that is, unless you put a piñata IN a cupcake! In an effort to take my candy-crush to a new level, I started googling "piñata cupcakes" to see if any such thing existed. Most of what I found was the same- cupcakes with some M&M's stuffed inside. I wanted more!! I started thinking, "what if Every. Single. Cupcake was a surprise??!"

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DIY Piñata Cupcakes
DIY Piñata Cupcakes

Let me preface this tutorial by saying- I am not a baker! I can follow box-cake directions (which is what I did), but this recipe is not Martha Stewart. You CAN however, make these with any kind of cupcake you'd like, so if you want to get fancy and homemade, go for it!! 

Ready to have some fun?


  • Cake Mix for Cupcakes (or your own homemade cupcakes!)
  • Frosting (Two different colors is best!)
  • Cupcake Liners
  • A knife
  • CANDY!! (The more, the better. Also, make sure it' small enough to fit in your cupcakes, and that it wouldn't hurt someone if they bit into it with a passion- i.e. a big hunk of rock candy!!)

1) Ok, first go bake those cupcakes! I found they seem to form up nicely when baked in the firm foil cupcake liners, and then later I switched the foil for the cuter paper ones, while frosting them. Make sure the cupcakes are totally cooled before moving on to step two. (If you're making them from scratch, go follow your delicious, homemade recipe and come back to step two when they're cooled.)

2) Take a cooled cupcake and use your knife to cut a circular hole in the top. If you hold the knife at a slight 45-degree angle, it will form a cone as you cut, and easily pop off of the top. Make sure you don't cut through to the bottom of the cupcake!

3) Once you've popped the top off, fill your cupcake with candy! I had a pretty good variety on hand, so I could truly make each cupcake different. I'm talking Nerds, Sixlets, Cotton Candy, Sprinkles, Mini Candy Legos- the works!! Then, take the cake top (that you just cut off) and slice about half of the bottom off, so it will still fit back in the top with the candy there. If the fit is too tight, either remove just a little of the candy, or slice of a bit more the cake on the topper.

4) Now that the cupcake is "sealed" back up, it's time to cover your tracks- with frosting! Slather it on, the more, the better! I used two different colors- about half of them pink, and half of them white- to help make the end results more varied.

5) It's time to decorate the tops! Again, I tried to give each cupcake different toppings, to truly add to the surprise- plus, mixing them up is half the fun! I experimented with gumballs, cupcake toppers (my friend Amber makes some pretty magical ones, like unicorns, flamingos, and gems, OH MY!), and even lollipops with the sticks cut short, so I could stick them in the top. I say, go crazy here!! Make the tops so colorful and fun, that your guests won't be able to decide which to grab first!

Cupcake Toppers

6) Lastly, time to see... WHAT'S INSIDE!!! You can do the respectable thing, and bite into it over a plate or napkin... OR you can just SMASH it and save the clean-up for later!!! Obviously, I chose the latter.

DIY Piñata Cupcakes
DIY Piñata Cupcakes


Party on!!! 

I would love to see your magical creations! Share them on social media and make sure to tag me!

Xx Natasha