DIY- Candy Necklace! (Bling Bling)

I LOVED candy necklaces and bracelets as a kid- it was always such a struggle to decide "do I eat it ASAP?? Or stay strong and rock my bling just a little longer?!" Usually, the eating won out... sooner than later!! But here's the thing- they tasted pretty gross, right? Chalky and not very flavorful... why has no one figured out how to make a tastier candy necklace? (I mean, priorities people!) But don't worry, because I did.

Starburst are a girl's best friend...

Starburst are a girl's best friend...

These decadent candy jewels would be so fun to make for your sweet-toothed bestie on her birthday (sort of a new twist on a birthday crown?) or a great (adult-supervised!) project to do with kids. The only downside- you'll probably still break down and eat them!


  • Scissors
  • Colored Twine or Clear Jewelry Elastic (can be found in craft stores)
  • Cordless Drill (a nail and hammer will work as a substitute, but the drill is much easier!)
  • Candy!! (I recommend candies that are firm and a little chewy- i.e. Starburst, SweetTarts, Taffy... they seem to hold up best when drilled- but you can experiment with whatever floats your boat!)

1) Start by laying out your candy in the rough arrangement you'll want it on the string. I played around with a few before I settled on what I liked.

2) Next, take a piece of candy and lay it flat on a hard surface, steadying it with one hand. With your other hand, take the drill and start to slowly drill a hole in the center. Go slowly to make sure you align the hole correctly, and don't accidentally drill through to the underlying surface. (If you don't have a drill and are using a hammer/nail, you'll do it roughly the same way, just make sure to hammer softly and avoid smashing the candy!)

3) Continue this with all of the candy you've set aside for the necklace. When you're finished, start stringing them (in the order of your design) on your twine/string.

4) Then tie your ends, making sure to leave enough room to fit over your head (or wrist if making a bracelet)... and you are ready to bedazzle yourself in SUGAR!!

DIY Candy Necklace


I'd love to see what you create! Share it on Instagram and make sure to tag me!

Xx Natasha