4 Office DIY's I Must Try

It's official- I'm taking the plunge to turn our guest bedroom/junk room into a studio and office space for Violet Tinder Studios! My projects and order-packing-messes were starting to sprout up all around the house, and I was tired of schlepping my paints and brushes back and forth from the garage... SO, after a little convincing of the husband (the garage will now be his full + glorious tool domain), we decided to clear out the guest room (I mean, if you can even call it a "guest" room... it's not like we are a B&B!!) and work my magic to turn it into a colorful little slice of Violet Tinder heaven. Can I tell you how excited this makes me?? It feels so indulgent, but the reality is, I spend so much time on this growing business and between the need for space and a curious, rambunctious toddler, it just makes sense.

Obviously, I do not have an unlimited budget but I firmly believe cute and cheap do not have to be mutually exclusive! It just takes a little ingenuity, creativity, and some awesome DIY's. Here are a few I love and am dying to try:

1) Gem Push Pins- These guys, made by Mandy Pellegrin of Fabric Paper Glue, and found on Design Sponge, are such a CUTE and clever way to dress up a boring old push pin... Of course, I would probably have to make a few of them in bright colors... 

DIY Plaster Gem Push Pins

2) Color-Blocked Peg Boards- YASSSS honey, how fun are these?! I'm a big fan of the versatility of peg board (I actually built my craft show booth set-up out of peg board) and knew I wanted to incoporate it into the studio somehow. This peg-board DIY I found on Brit & Co. is the perfect way to utilize wall-space, when you're tight on floor space!

Color Blocked Peg Board Brit & Co.

3)  Gold Dipped Confetti Mug - Ok, so technically, this isn't specifically for an office, BUT when you drink as much coffee as I do, you want something cute to drink it out of... especially if you want to get those creative juices flowing in the studio! ;) This gold glitter mug from Rachel of Lines Across fits the bill perfectly. 

Gold Glitter Dipped Mug

4) Cake Stand Washi Tape Holder- One of the top things on my "figure out how to store in a cute way" list, was washi tape. I like to be able to see it all (so a drawer is out of the question) but I still want it neatly organized and easy to grab (so a giant basket is also out of the question). This solves the dilemma perfectly and in such a CUTE, sweet way.

Washi Tape Cake Stand Holder

Fun, right? For now, I'm waist deep in boxes and craft supplies, hoping to be fully moved in by the end of the weekend. THEN will come the fun part... decorating! Stay tuned for pics and a full reveal, very soon!!

Xx Natasha