{Sweet-As-Sugar}- Candy Download

Seeing as it's already mid-July, I figured it was about time for a wallpaper update! Candy is one of my favorite sources of color inspiration- I've seriously taken candy hoarding to a whole new level (full disclosure: I don't eat much of it, I'm much more of a french-fries-kinda-girl). I've been working on shooting a couple different candy photo series, each with a theme, and I thought I'd share a couple of them for the perfect wallpaper- either as some "eye candy" for your iPhone, or big and beautiful for your computer... just don't lick your screen!!  

Iphone Crop- "Deco Rock"

{To download, just right-cick and save, they're pre-formatted to fit. Enjoy!}

Iphone Crop- "Lollipop Balloon"

Desktop Crop- "Good Luck"

Desktop Crop- "Good Luck"