Tell Me All! {series}- A Beautiful Feed, Part 2

Last week in Part 1, we chatted with Rachel (Lines Across) and Amy (Amy Chen Design) about the basics of good photography, with an eye for your Instagram feed in mind. Social media has becoming such an important tool in the creative world (ok, the WHOLE world!) and upping their photo-game is a priority for so many artsists/makers/creatives. To sum it up:

  • Always good lighting!
  • A good, clean background. 
  • Use a photo app to perfect it!

But let's dig a little deeper... let's say your eye is improving and you're taking more impactful photos, but still need a little help translating that all into creating a beautiful feed?


"Consistency is definitely one of the key things that draws me to other people's feeds. Whether it be a consistent theme (like @ihavethisthingwithfloors) or a consistent style of photography (like @mattcrump, @littledrill, @jasminedowling - this list can get pretty mega long... but those are just a few of my favorite "big ones") I naturally am drawn to feeds that thrive with color (but that's just a personal preference haha ;)) I also love people who put thought into their captions (which isn't related to the style of the photos.. but I think it makes a difference! I'm a big fan of humor and punny captions. It reveals a little bit more about who the person behind the camera is!) - Amy, Amy Chen Design

"Colors! I also really love somewhat minimal feeds, where a lot of the subjects are very simple but beautiful. I also really love it when someone's feed has a unified style and all of the pictures really look like they fit together well."- Rachel, Lines Across

I promise these two were not in cahoots because they basically said the exact same thing- have a consistent theme (i.e. minimalism, color, dogs, ice cream cones... whatever you're into!). I've heard this tip numerous times in other places, and it's so true- look at your feed as a whole- does it flow? Is it eye-catching? If something is out of place, delete it! Think of it as your gallery or portfolio and if it doesn't represent your overall vibe, it probably should go. (NOTE: We're talking about accounts specifically used for creative business purposes- if you're on IG to keep up with friends and post pics of your weekend adventures, that's totally fine!!!)


"I've learned to listen to my audience. There are some pictures that I've enjoyed taking, but that didn't seem to get as many likes and comments, so I tended to take less of them... like the coffee bean series I was doing. When I took the exact same kinds of pictures with jelly beans instead of coffee beans, they got twice as many likes. So now I stick to more colorful pictures. But at the same time, don't take it too personally when you get a few dislikes. For some reason, it seems like some of the pictures I share that get the most likes and comments also lead to a few unfollows. I just remind myself... if a picture of watercolors and paints made someone unfollow you, that's probably a good thing because there is a lot of that in my feed."- Rachel, Lines Across

"Things not to do: (1) If a photo was shot in poor or uneven lighting, no amount of editing is going to fix it. You can try, but it will never be as good as your photos that were shot with proper / even lighting. (2) Don't shoot in harsh sunlight. Don't shoot using incandescent / indoor / lamp light. (3) Don't over-filter / over-edit."- Amy, Amy Chen Design

If it's not a good photo, just scratch it and try again. I've wasted some really fun photo ideas on poorly-lit, over-edited photos that I was dying to share, only to regret not taking a few extra minutes to capture it better. And I could not agree more with Rachel- post what you love and pay attention to feedback. But at the end of the day, it's not about keeping tabs on who follows/unfollows, it's about creating beautiful photos that you love to share.


"My biggest advice to people just starting out on Instagram is to "just have fun and don't stress." Don't over think it too much, and just do the best you can. When I first started using Instagram, I posted anything and everything and my editing style was all over the place. I admit to even using Instagram's awful filters once upon a time, lol. I by no means consider myself an "expert" now, but I do think my feed has come a long way with time and learning through trial and error."- Amy, Amy Chen Design

"Work on sharing quality pictures, and sharing a lot less pictures of what you're eating and of yourself and your family. Save those for your personal Facebook. I would say to jump in and participate in some hashtag projects and challenges. It's a great way to get new exposure even if you aren't featured, plus the challenge is a great way to help you come up with new content. Some examples are @instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project, @abeautifulmessofficial's #abmlifeiscolorful, @violettinder and my #thecandyrainbow, and weekly themes from @nothingisordinary_ and @itsmyweek. I've also really enjoyed doing little series of my own. It's another way to let people know what kind of pictures to expect from your feed, plus they will wonder what you will come up with next. It's also a good way to help you keep thinking of new pictures to take and share."- Rachel, Lines Across

We all love to look at beautiful photos- whether they make us laugh, give us a little escape, or just make us smile. Beautiful photos have power! And you don't need to be a professional photographer to learn to take some. What truly makes for a beautiful feed is a consistently curated view of your unique perspective!

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Also, a big THANK YOU to Rachel and Amy for their insights on taking the beautiful photos that fill their feeds! You can find them all on Instagram, and by clicking the link to their websites.