I'm so excited to share... Violet Tinder is getting a site-makeover!! I figured it was about time the website started to better reflect the growing brand, and I kept having moments of inspiration of things I wanted to change and tweak. Enter: Paige Poppe of paigepoppe.com. She's a super-talented watercolor artist and skateboard painter (yes, it's a thing, go check it out immediately) who has recently started doing website design as well. She has such an eye for clean, bold, eye-catching design. I knew that with her aesthetic (infused with my neon party fun!), we could create something magical- and oh, did she deliver!!

The new site will be up a week from this Friday- June 19th to be exact! And to celebrate,  there will be an online launch party, complete with a shop sale and a huge giveaway... and YOU'RE INVITED!! To make sure you don't miss out on any of the fun, sign up for my mailing list (promise, I don't spam) to the left... woohoo!!

See you soon...! Xx Natasha