Annnnnd I'm back!

After a little hiatus (cuz, you know... life!), I've decided to refocus on my blog and sharing a little bit more with you. I've been planning a fun mix of content- some fun + easy DIY's, watercolor downloads, some behind-the-scenes snippets, and what I'm most excited about- a series with some of my favorite creatives, with tips and things they've learned along their journey! I promise, it's all going to be so much fun!

I'd like to start by posting a couple times a week- something that's sustainable and allows me time to actually create some fun and interesting content. I think if I goal myself for much more than that, I'll end up just throwing stuff up... and really, who wants that?! ;) So check back this week when we'll get this party started!

Also- I'd love to know- what are some questions you'd love to ask a creative? Anything you've always been curious about? Anything you're dying to find out? Leave it in the comments below, or shoot me an email... I'd love to include it in some of my interviews!