Ambrosia- Watercolor Download

"Ambrosia"- Desktop Crop

Sometime around the middle of May, I start feeling the summer vibes come on strong. Whether the weather cooperates or not, all I can think about is popsicles, vacations, and loud music! And those summer vibes have definitely been creeping into my art lately. Besides painting an inordinate amount of frozen sweet treats (ice cream, popsicles, frozen yogurt, popsicles...;), even my color palette seems to lighten up an extra notch or two, from neon to neon pastel!

I've been really digging the look of looser, color-bleeding watercolor paintings too... they're so relaxing to paint and I just love experimenting with different color combos. So, in that spirit, this week's Watercolor Download is a bright, summer-y blend of sky blue, periwinkle, lilac, and cotton-candy pink. I named it "Ambrosia"... to download it, just right click. Happy (early) summer!!


"Ambrosia"- iPhone Crop