A New Direction

If you follow me on Instagram or are on my mailing list, you may have heard me teasing the coming-of-a-new-venture lately. Well, I'm ready to share! But, first...

When I first launched my stationery + paper goods business, almost two years ago, it was the start of something totally new for me. I had spent years in the corporate fashion/retail world and while I loved many parts of my job (the travel! the people! the clothes!), there were also many parts I just wasn't clicking with anymore (the travel! the people! the corporate ladder!) and I found myself dying to get back to a more creative place in my life. After my daughter was born in early 2014, I felt it- now was the time to shift gears.

I started painting again (something I had always loved to do) and it soon led to selling prints and stationery. As any new business owner will tell you, much of the first year is really just one giant experiment- where do I source materials? how much do I charge? why aren't certain things selling? how do I keep up with demand? do I need a website? And for me, one of the most challenging- how can I create amazing styled images that make my work look professional? I wanted beautiful photos that captured the vibe and the brand image I was trying to convey.

So, I practiced, taking approx. 43967619023 photos over time, working a little bit every. single. day. (Have I ever told you how persistent I am when I get fixated on something?) And two things happened. One- as my photos and styling improved, so did my business. I was able to start translating the images in my head, to the photos I was taking. People want to be romanced by a beautiful image, and the more they're romanced, the more they fall in love.. And Two- I myself fell in love- with photo styling! I realized that the hundreds of hours I had spent working to create beautiful photos, had given me a new passion. After spending a few weeks mulling over this new direction, I decided it was time to jump. So, going forward...

Violet Tinder Studios will be focused on photo styling + brand photography, AND is opening it's very own *EYE CANDY* Stock Photography Shop!! Designed to cater to the needs of creative business owners (bloggers, artists, makers, graphic designers, and more!), it will be full of bright, fun photos meant to enhance your unique business and catch ANY eye. My plan is to have it up and running by Thanksgiving- so you can take full advantage of the photo fun for the busy Holiday season. And don't worry- if you're curious to know just a little bit more (what exactly is stock photography? how can I use it?), I have lots more coming very soon.

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Xx Natasha