Contest Alert! // Alonso Sobrino Beads + Violet Tinder

Happy Almost Friday! You know what always puts me in a good mood (besides Friday)? Lots of bright colors. And fun jewelry never hurts either. So, are you in the mood for something fun?

Geodes // Violet Tinder + Alonso Sobrino

When the bright + colorful Alonso Sobrino Beads & Fabric approached me to partner up for a contest, I couldn't say no. You see, before I started Violet Tinder, I worked for years in the Fashion Jewelry world, and I've always LOVED fun, bold jewelry. Let me tell you, they totally fit the bill!!

Located in tropical Puerto Rico, they are a family-owned business, specializing in colorful, unique beads, jewelry, gemstones, and fabric... and their store is truly incredible!! Like, I'm ready to fly over for a quick vacation/shopping spree. And then- they basically sent a shopping spree to me- a box of goodies that was OH-MY-GOODNESS-amazing! So, we decided to give one lucky winner a box FULL of the same fun stuff- pendants, geodes, bismuth, and more! Yes, I'm serious. (Even better, I painted some watercolor geodes, inspired by those gorgeous stones and I want to give someone those prints too!)

So, let me quit rambling and tell you HOW YOU CAN ENTER! Just head over to Instagram and look for the picture full of rainbow geodes and stones, and follow the simple instructions... we'll be picking a winner on Monday, October 5th. GOOD LUCK!!!

Geodes //  Violet Tinder

(A HUGE thank-you to Viviana and the Alonso Sobrino team... make sure to check out their gorgeous website for more eye candy!)

Xx Natasha